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Iron River Appraisal is an IRS certified, nationwide heavy equipment appraisal company based in Loveland, Colorado. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, precise, and dependable equipment appraisals, inspections, market analysis, and expert witness testimony to businesses across a multitude of sectors, including construction, agriculture, mining, transportation, energy, and manufacturing. Built on a solid foundation of industry experience, our team consists of seasoned professionals who are members of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA). We leverage this wealth of expertise to offer personalized, reliable services to individual heavy equipment owners, construction companies, and heavy equipment dealers.

At Iron River, we understand that every client's needs are unique. Therefore, we are dedicated to delivering bespoke solutions, offering a range of appraisal types such as Fair Market Value Appraisals, Orderly Liquidation Value Appraisals, Forced Liquidation Value Appraisals, and Replacement Cost New Appraisals. We understand that accurate appraisals are critical for leveraging assets, assisting with insurance claims, and making informed business decisions. By using our services, customers can gain peace of mind, knowing they are equipped with accurate and reliable valuation data.

Beyond providing appraisals, our holistic approach ensures our clients are well-informed about their equipment's standing in the current market. With our market analysis services, we offer detailed insights into industry trends and valuations, enabling our clients to navigate their sectors confidently.

Iron River is not just an appraisal company; we are a partner dedicated to supporting businesses at every step of their heavy equipment appraisal journey. Trust our committed team to meet your heavy equipment appraisal needs professionally and proficiently.

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